Infographic: Literacy in San Bernardino County
Literacy has a direct impact on elements of a community, especially jobs and the economy, education, public safety and wellness. Print the infographic.
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Bookmark: Reading Matters 
Help raise the bar for literacy in San Bernardino County. Print your own bookmark.
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San Bernardino County “Vision2Read” Initiative
Resolution of Support Template

San Bernardino County Vision2Read Announcement
All of San Bernardino County is invited to join the Vision2Read campaign to help “raise the bar” for literacy in our community and advance our efforts to achieve the Countywide Vision.

Add a Book
Add a book to your holiday and birthday gifts to family and friends this year. And, add a book to your donations to those in need. The gift of literacy is the gift of a better life.

Poster: Where Does Reading Take You?
Reading is the gateway to many amazing places – in fantasy and in real life. Download the following poster and handout for your children or your classroom and use reading to turn dreams into reality.
Poster / Handout
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Get Ready for a Vision2Read Summer of Reading!
Join Vision2Read’s campaign to help improve literacy in San Bernardino County this summer by signing up for a library card beginning in May and by encouraging youth to participate in their local library summer reading programs.

Vision2Read Intiative Update 2018 (PDF)

Poster: Summer of Reading English / Spanish
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Library Links
Links to libraries in San Bernardino County

Footsteps2Brilliance is a new program proven to help children read. Over 1,000 English and Spanish books, songs and games are available. Enroll your child in this free program today.